No matter what type of cancer you or your loved one is suffering from, this book will show you the latest, cutting-edge, non-surgical, non-drug natural protocols to help your body recover! A diagnosis of cancer is NOT a death sentence!



This revolutionary, ground-breaking eBook will show you…


  • The newest, cutting edge, non-surgical, non-drug natural cancer protocol breakthroughs for actually recovering!
  • Why it is VITALLY important that your ph is between 6.4 and 7.0 and how to get it there! NOTE: Do not consume alkaline water because it will only alkalize your stomach and you need your stomach acidic to digest your nutrients and create methyl groups!
  • How to heal your body using specific natural protocols!
  • How to have massive amounts of energy!
  • Discover little known secrets in order to get to the root cause of cancer!
  • Why people suffering with cancer have a decreased chance of getting better by only following the traditional medical approach!
  • The COMPLETE testing that you need to find out what is wrong with you!!
  • What your well-meaning (but uninformed) doctors don’t know about cancer!
  • Why it is important to detoxify your system using mud packs!
  • Why nutritional supplements could be making your cancer WORSE!
  • By using Chinese medicine and the findings of acupuncture meridian interference fields certain important organs (thyroid, liver, kidney, etc.) could be sedated or not functioning at 100%! When you have cancer, you need your body working at 100%!
  • Find out if dental work like root canals and electro-magnetic fields can adversely affect you and cause your cancer to spread!
  • The VITAL role that the liver plays and why you need to detoxify your body!
  • Learn how “enriched” products clog your liver and cause a slow decline in your health!
  • The role your emotions play in your ability to heal!
  • How you can tell if you have an infection, parasites, or H. pylori that is causing some or many of your symptoms!
  • The VITAL importance that water and salt play in your healing!
  • How you can avoid years of pain, suffering, medication side-effects and loss of quality of life!



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